Two-family house in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf, Germany

Our language is future-oriented, yet at the same time determined by the Classical Modern of the 20th Century. Our approach is both integrative – within existing structures – and, where necessary, extrovert. Solid and also experimental details give our work its high quality and expressive force. The materials we use will be selected and applied both under aesthetic and environmental considerations. Our work is constantly orientated to achieving the goals of our client, with whom we work as a team. The client is integrated at all stages, and in this way the greatest degree of efficiency is achieved. We provide constant support for the client during the entire planning and realisation process, and thereafter, in all matters relating to design and construction. We are open to new ideas, and approach each new project with a sense of curiosity and commitment. Our overriding aim is always to achieve an individual and measured solution, taking account of the client`s wishes and economic considerations. We can do the calculations, conduct negotiations. An open, modern and future-oriented language within economic coordinates – this is our objective.

Competences: Domestic constructions | Offices / Business | Old / New | Ecological constructions | Conversion | Recovery | Urban design and planning | Hotels | Chanceries | Showrooms | Restaurants / bars | Spa

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Düsseldorf, Germany