Neubau Produktion, Logistik und Verwaltung Breyer


SCHMELZLE+PARTNER MBB ARCHITEKTEN BDA is specialized in the creation of administrative, production and logistics buildings on a large scale. We plan and build for the most prestigious companies in southern Germany and far beyond. The Black Forest is where we are at home - we are active wherever our clients, often being market leaders in their segments, enter new markets: in the region, nationally and internationally. As a milestone project we realized our center of excellence for architecture in Hallwangen, Germany in 2012 which has been awarded for “Exemplary Construction” by the Chamber of Architects Baden Württemberg in 2016. This is an ideal environment for creative and communicative work, where the planning processes are supported by a sophisticated atmosphere and optimal technical equipment. SCHMELZLE+PARTNER MBB ARCHITEKTEN BDA is a fast growing company always seeking outstanding new architects for exciting projects.

Competences: Industrial buildings | Administrative buildings

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SCHMELZLE+PARTNER MBB ARCHITEKTEN BDA is a fast growing company always seeking outstanding new architects for exciting projects. Please apply to [email protected].

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