Grand Tirolia

Kitzbühel, Austria

Kitzig Design Studios offer the perfect combination of interior design, architecture, branding and communication from a single source. The teams apply an interdisciplinary approach and develop comprehensive design solutions in each of these areas for clients all over the world.

The focus of each project is always on striking the perfect balance between functionality, aesthetics and individuality. No matter what the team at Kitzig Design Studios comes up with, it has to match the people involved and their specific requirements, and may therefore be loud or quiet, reserved or extrovert. However, sustainability, authenticity, progress and the aim of a pleasing end result are always incorporated into all processes. Company founder Olaf Kitzig: "Keeping an eye open for new influences, people and their needs is incredibly important to us. We also consciously push boundaries, as something new can only evolve if we go beyond them." Thanks to this philosophy, Kitzig Design Studios has been one of Europe's leading design studios for over 25 years, a fact proven by the numerous awards we have won for our work and our countless satisfied clients from the hotel and hospitality industry, the healthcare and business premise development sector, the retail sector and many home owners.

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